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Don't worry

Okay, don't feel sorry for me. I've decided that I'll try my absolute hardest never to delete entries. After all, I can't delete them in my head, and it's better to just get them out. Right?

At any rate, I'm going to stop being a baby. I'm going to do some work, maybe watch a movie (Opera Queen lent me "Identity". I love John Cusak), and deliver some tarts to Skullet Man. I'll wash my face and drag my ass out. Then it will be tomorrow, and I'll be too busy traveling and meeting Skinner Boy's family among the whole "Thanksgiving" phenomenon, that I won't feel sorry for myself.

So, my trusty reader, do not fret. I'm done being melodramatic. Those who know me very well since high school can attest that I'm better at this crap now. I won't do anything stupid.

I'm going to stop moping. That's it.