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Mmmm.... I just took a bath and I smell like caramel / almonds. *grins* Really, when you are on vacation, there isn't much more to talk about. *giggles*

Okay, now really... when have I ever been able to limit myself to one or two sentences??? *grins*

Last night was... well, it was. It was the usual Xmas shindig with my alcoholic aunt and uncle. *sighs* They are good people, really they are... but when they start to heavily drink, then the arguing starts. And, personally, I like to run away from all conflict like a whimpering puppy. *shrugs* I had my two beer, the power went out, we had the supper, and I was the scapegoat this year. Our family tries to exit before the really heavy drinking starts, so our excuse this year was that I had to be back in town by 8 p.m. (about an hour away). It wasn't too retched, and I like visiting with them... but it always kind of put me in a sombre mood afterward.

When I got into town, I visited Bo Beri for a bit, then shuffled off home to bed.

Tonight: Watching the Star Wars box set with hoo_baa_joo and eating pizza. Mmmmmmmmm..... can't wait! *grins*