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Stupid dial-up

'Twas the night before Xmas
And in the computer room
There is the parents' computer
Being thrown with a boom

I know, I know. Don't quit my day job. *grins* Since the world has evolved to high speed, through cable, DSL, or T1 lines, I find that I no longer have patience for the stone aged "dial-up" method of communication. In other words, I get cranky when I use my parents' computer.

It is a quiet Xmas Eve at the parents' house at the lake. I'm staying here tonight, and then my family is invading opera_queen's house for Xmas dinner tomorrow. *laughs* I know, it's weird invading someone else's house with your family for food, but hey.... *shrugs*

It doesn't even feeling like Xmas this year. Not a lot of rushing around since I don't have the usual chaos of University exams and figuring out a way to come home. Not as many parties, and the "how in the heck am I going to see everyone?". It's really weird to have a real break at Xmas time. Heck, there isn't even the flurry of cooking, baking, and Xmas shopping/wrapping and so on since we aren't celebrating Xmas until the 27th at Booger's place. It's just... weird this year. (Sensing a theme yet?) It's relaxing, it is the opportunity to actually get to know people better, and I have even started knitting. *rolls eyes* I know; that's just plain scary.

Other Tidbits: hoo_baa_joo got me a "key locater" key chain in memory of my lost house keys. *pouts* You whistle, and the thing beeps. Too bad I can't whistle. *chuckles* I thought it was awesome anyway...

As well, Booger is starting to wrap up her trip in the Dominican Republic with her man. My momma has been watching The Weather Network (yes, we are faithful watchers), and the temperatures have been ranging low 30's for them, and mid minus 40's for us. Some days, there is a difference of 75 degrees Celsius. That's over 115 degrees Fahrenheit for you other people. *scowls*


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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 26th, 2004 04:21 am (UTC)
Warm, mushy thoughts
*grins* Thank you very muchly! I think that I couldn't have been too rotten of a gal this year... *hugs her new 17" flat screen monitor* But, more importantly, have you been a "good enough" little boy this year? *wiggles eyebrows*

Presents aside, I hope you and your folks had a good Xmas this year, and I hope your New Years starts great. Merry Xmas, Nevermore!
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