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Merry Xmas.... again!

And you thought the bloody season would be over already... *crosses eyes*

At this very second, I am typing in my sister's office in their new house. *insert oooo's and ahhhhh's* Is it ever nice! True, it's starting to get on my nerves a bit that I am introduced as "the oldest child" while my sister is introduced as "the grown up child", but I've just been in a crabby arsed mood lately anyway. *grins*

Xmas a la opera_queen style was good. I sometimes worry about my mother associating with other mothers since I don't believe she's a very good influence at times... *laughs* It must run in the family. Supper was amazing, and it was different having so many people around (was it about 20?). Tables were set up in a row in the living room to make room. Except for mistaking a saurkraut perogy for a real perogy *yecch*, all was well. Thanks again, opera_queen!

Boxing Day was mellow. I spent the whole day avoiding the mall. *shrugs* Got to watch The Bourne Supremacy with hoo_baa_joo. It was good, but I recommend rewatching The Bourne Identity to refresh your memory first. Go watch it!

Which lead to today. I slept in a bit (finally dragging me arse out of bed at 6:45 a.m.), and though I didn't believe it, opera_queen was waiting for me, ready to go, at the designated time of 7 a.m. 'Tis the season of miracles...

Just kidding, Chica. *smirks and ducks*

The two of us joined my Momma, step-dad, Bo Beri, and a ton of baking and other assorted crap in my Momma's Dodge Caravan, and we made the 8 hour trip to the City in one piece. After we dropped the girls off, Booger and I did some last minute shopping, ate some Pizza Hotline *drools* (how I missed it!), and opened presents. Xmas goodie list coming soon....

This is Jez, in her new red Xmas pajamas, signing off.