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Calling All Penguins....

"Penguin" just phoned me. He's a rez (residence) friend from my 2nd year of University and on. I haven't seen him in awhile. A few underlying issues, but hey, who the *bleep* doesn't?!? He's a very loyal friend. He's heading toward my humble abode as we speak. And, since it's pay day, and after putting money on my credit card, I have $50 left over. We are going drinking! Possibly starting at supper with Penguin, a friend of his, Rocko, Champ, and Jo. What, what do I need groceries for???

Operation: Evasive Maneuvers is going smoothly. Skinner Boy made some reference to finding someone to see "Bruce Almighty" with. I old him, quite bluntly, that I have no urge what-so-ever to see that flick (which is the truth). Skinner Boy is slipping into The Friends Zone, and Knife Man hasn't spoken to me since that rumour started at work. I wished Mullet Man a good weekend, and he told me to give him a call. Who knows, I may be drunk enough to do it. I don't know if I can stretch $50 over two days of drinking, though. May have to dust off the Tequila bottle.....

Work was decent today. Most of the day, I was on "catch-up", which is I skin whatever the skinners are behind in skinning (how much skin can a skinner skin if a skinner skinned the skin?).

As always, my faithful (or unsuspecting) reader, I will let you know if I survive or not.