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"If you can dodge a wrench..."

Holy cow!

To back up a bit, my last Xmas is finally over. Good times had by all (especially with Booger and my Dad... damn drinkers *grins*). Underneath the surface was a few small issues coming to a boil. End result: I didn't spend last night at my sister's.

*sighs* Now, before you guys get all concerned and such, it's not really a huge deal and it doesn't really involve me too much. I have no ill will what-so-ever, and I have complete confidence that everything is going to work out.

I'm just not touching this situation with a 30 foot pole. *grins*

So, I phoned up the crazy house of Special K, Penguin, and Curly Sue to see if I could crash the night. I thought this place would make the most sense since Penguin, Special K, G, and I were going to head our merry way to the Saskatchewan border today and spend New Years at a social in "The Gap".

*laughs* I know some of the story is missing there on how we ended up deciding to go there, but you'll just have to deal.

Anyway, this house arrangement would be supersweet since it is drastically close to my sister's.... except, there was no answer. *hangs head* Damn. So, I phoned up opera_queen and she graciously let me in to her home for a bit. In other words, I invited myself over. *grins* We watched Dodgeball which wasn't a horrific movie! It was nice and light-hearted.

Once Penguin got back into the City, he picked me up and drove me to my home for the night. *grins* I know I'm absolutely horrid at keeping long-distance friendships, but it felt so awesome being back with old friends. Took part in a "bandanna party", ordered some Chinese food, made fun of Penguin, the usual craziness. *laughs* It was what I needed.

What's Coming Up: Storm stayed *sighs* Our adventures will have to wait to see if the blizzard warnings pass through here or not....