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Tick, tick, tick...

Time is sure whizzing by. I have one more week of classes, one week of classes/review, and one week of exams. Then I have a week to prepare and have orientation with new students, and I start all over again. *looks around* Whee?? I finally "broken in" these students (or have they broken me?) and got to know them, and now they are leaving??? Damn. *pouts*

Other news: (Oooooooo, bolded!)

Watched Shaun of the Dead last night. *shrugs* Eh. Maybe because everyone was talking like it was the world's greatest movie, and I expected too much. It was.... okay. Rentable, as a 7 day release. The Great Jez and made her decision... *grins*

Next weekend, I'm running away to Brandon with hoo_baa_joo. Initially, I have a doc's appointment Monday evening (never bothered getting a doctor here yet). I tried to swing the Friday off too so I could hang out with my Dad, and visit Bo Beri, Blondie, and an assortment of others. *grins* Then, hoo_baa_joo asked when are we going to run away to Brandon, since he knows quite a few people there and he didn't want to travel alone. *grins* So, he's tagging along. We'll probably leave Friday evening (since both of us have to work Friday), and be back here early Tuesday morning (just in time for my suicide prevention workshop, but that will be another entry...)