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No gas and cold weather

Now that Livejournal is up and running again, I'm too tired to do it proper justice. *yawns*

The trip to my old city is going along splendidly. Besides running out of gas (mucho stupido on my part), we arrived about 5:30 a.m. Friday morning. Stayed up until 8:30 doing last minute planning and faxing it over to my office (I'm glad that Staples is open at 8 a.m.), and caught a few hours sleep periodically during the day. hoo_baa_joo has been hanging out with some old family friends of his, so that has given me total freedom to do whatever I wanted, which is really nice. Sans car, though *grins* but I offered it to him quite willingly since I have great friends with transportation (thanks again, Rocko).

So far, spent a little money on random stuff (new boob shirt!) and ate at Gulliver's 3 times today. *rolls eyes and grins* I kid you not. Another thing that is quite shocking: no hip hop bar tonight. We opted for a quiet night at Rocko's and Bo Beri's house. Considering I'm dragging me arse around and it's not even 1 a.m. yet, maybe that was a good choice.

Tomorrow is some more lesson planning and possibly marking, hanging out with Blondie a bit, having supper with Red possibly, and seeing what hoo_baa_joo is up to. Heaven forbid that we travel together and actually see each other a bit... *chuckles*

And it's really starting to hit me how much I miss this City. I miss the food, the music, the people, the vitality... *shrugs* My step-mom pointed out a newspaper ad advertising that they are looking for teachers here. I have it ripped out and in my wallet. What I'm going to do with that ripping, I don't know yet...