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Nearing the End

Things have been... well, going in a forward motion lately. *sighs* I guess that is better than backward, or that awkward sideways movement...

Today was the last class day for my first batch of students. Only a week of exams left. No one has died, so I guess I haven't done too horribly. *shrugs* I still have some marking to do, and tomorrow is spent looking at some of the paperwork for the next batch of lucky contestants. Yes, I realise that tomorrow (er, today) is Saturday, but I don't think my administration realises that.

Anywho, I went to the local Legion tonight with Eel and hoo_baa_joo to play a couple of horrific games of pool, have a couple of Brown Cows, and share a basket of popcorn. Even though I'm drained and not very talkative tonight, I had a good time. Even better, my chauffeur *grins* took me to Blockbuster where I bought High Fidelity and Spaceballs used on DVD. *grins* I love John Cusak...

As a recap, tomorrow (er, today) is spent at the main high school and then probably my office. Sunday is the usual morning coffee with mangiecat and aolfe, and then supper at my Momma's. The twist for this week: my mother conveniently "bought too much roast" and invited hoo_baa_joo out for supper as well. *raises an eyebrow* Well, at least she didn't follow through with her original threat and just randomly show up at his work one day.... *grins*