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And it slowly begins....

Sometimes I read other entries in Live Journal and think, "Crap! I haven't written in awhile!"
Then I realised that I have only skipped one day. *rolls eyes*

*grins* Been in a better mood lately. I was starting to really get into my "pre-funk" zone, but now I've been yanked out of that (damn floor wrestling) and just hovering. *chuckles* My students wrote their English exams today....

Four more exams and the usual crap load of marking... and then..... wow. *slumps back* I have almost survived semester 1.

Today was the start of orientations. One of the benefits of being in such a program is that I meet the students and parents beforehand. They get to know a bit about me and the program, and I absorb as much as I can about them. A couple of students I have fallen in love with already, and one I can see as being an issue at first. *shrugs and grins* But, I win them over in the end.. somewhat... once they realise I have the power to fail them.... *chuckles*