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3 exams done, 2 to go...

Things are still going forward.

Only 2 more days left to this term. Tomorrow night is the big "head honcho" type meeting to determine, yet again, the future of this program I am teaching. One idea is to not teach repeater Grade 9s, but to grab them out of Grade 8 directly and teach them all year. It would be a modified course since the majority appear to be students that have been "pushed through" the system and didn't have the chance/opportunity/drive/attention to get all of the necessary skills to pass Grade 7 &/or 8 "legitimately". *shrugs* Sounds like a good idea. Also, if we don't grab them out of the high school, we don't have the rep as "the kids who couldn't hack the high school" or "the dummy kids". *rolls eyes* We don't hear that often, but we do hear it once in awhile.

*yawns* I'm starting to get tired. At times, it's frustrating to try to juggle school obligations, the "extra stuff" I feel the need to do with my students, my personal life, and my usual "slump" times. And, at the moment, I'm too selfish to give up any of it....

Oh yeah. Turns out I didn't plug in aolfe's car completely last night, and it was totally dead this morning. *grins sheepishly* Damn. I'm sowwy. Please don't put meat products in my section of the fridge as retaliation... *grins*