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The Penguin has flown the coop

Greetings one and all. A special shout to Curly Sue and Special K, who apparently like to read my journal on a regular basis. (Note to Self: Watch what you write about CS and SK)

Yesterday was mellow and nice. Went for breakfast with Penguin at a local greasy spoon diner, played pool for 4 hours (I suck and he carries around his own pool cue... you can guess how that went), ate at a friend's restaurant, and did some running around. Special K came in once she heard that Penguin was here. We spent the night at my place: we drank, they got some green and smoked up. Special K got a ride from one of my room-mates to Champ's abode and Penguin and I went to bed (yes, we shared the same bed... both nights! Oh, the horror!).

Penguin left at 9:30 this morning. He doesn't seem very energetic this morning, and he has to drive home to play in a soccer game today. As he tells me, he's bloody good, but Penguin likes to chirp a lot. Special K's family is gone next weekend, so we have started to make tentative plans to travel to her town next weekend.

"Punk Poet" emailed me the other day. I haven't seen that guy in years and it appears that he's planning a trip to Manitoba. I first met him at a social my first year in University. He started dating one of my room-mates. He's a tad crazy. Earings, spiky hair, snowboarding... you know the type. He also gives some of the world's best hugs. He is the kind of guy that puts you at ease and you can ramble about anything.

Unfortunately, I apparently have a life. Who knew? Next weekend: possibly visiting Special K.
June 20th - 22nd: My home town for the carnival and a Tom Cochran concert (yes, you read that right)
June 27th - 30th: Back up North to go camping. But I'll probably be thinking about Punk Poet. Damn the Man!
July 4th: Traveling to a nearby city to see a concert with Metal Head.

Friggin'. I never slept last summer due to two full time jobs, and, for some dumbass reason, it sounds like I won't be sleeping this one either. Oh well, I didn't want to live long anyway.