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Damn mornings

Wow. *sighs* Quarter after 7 in the morning. Damn my sleep schedule all to hell.
(Editor's Note: Just because I'm up and can't sleep, do not assume that I am my usual eloquent and witty self. Read on at your own risk)

Yesterday was a long day to end off the long week. We had our "debriefing" thingamabobber. Basically, "What did you think when you heard about the girl's death? How did you feel when you heard she was beaten? How are you feeling now?"

My greatest pet peeve: crying in front of other people. It was just me and the counselor that looked like dope fiends afterward. Got some lovely handouts about grief and post-traumatic whatchamacallit. I realised that... damn... I fit in those damn pamphlets. I don't eat, and when I do, I don't stop. I'm sleeping lots but it is not good sleep. I don't want to talk about it anymore. I have noticed that I am more irritable.... toward everyone breathing, in general. Blah, blah, blah...

I got Happygoth to read some of it so that if I totally flip out, he knows what to do. As well, I was told that I can take some time off of work to "process" if I need to since I didn't have any time off whatsoever (worked through the weekend it was unraveling in case students dropped by). *shrugs* Eh, whatever. Maybe, if I'm organized enough, I'll take Monday off for the hell of it. *grins ruefully*

In other news... hoo_baa_joo found his Valentine's gift in my room. Actually, the box he found. I had to hold him back while aolfe and Happygoth wrestled the box away and hid it. *laughs* What a bad boy. I hope he likes it... *crosses fingers*

I've never done this Valentines shtick before. I broke up with Skinner Boy when I did so I could avoid the mess known as St. Valentines Day. True, the relationship was dead (on my end anyway), but I would have been able to hold on long enough for more gifts, if that was my style. *grins and shrugs* I don't know. Maybe a part of me is expecting the world to blow up on that day, or something. That, and the damn bf will not give me a hint on what my gift is. *laughs* Wat does it mean when he says, "I spent some more time organizing your gift tonight" anyway?!?!?