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And life goes on...

I don't know wht is wrong with me today.

So, I went back to bed after my first wake up this morning. Got up at 11 a.m. My hips are so sore right now, it hurts to sit or bend at the waist. I've been munching on Tylenol and I'm going to go jump into a bath. I seriously feel like an arthritic old lady.

The funeral was okay. I teared up enough to warrant one Kleenex. I gave the rest of mine away to some old students and the sister of my roomie. It was sad, I think. It was really sad to see how calm and collected her little brother was. He's too young to be that strong.

Maybe I'm just in shock.


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Feb. 13th, 2005 10:39 pm (UTC)
All I say is, make sure you take care of you.


isn't a little weird that you are doing the whole "Valentine's" thing and I'll be sitting alone in my apartment with only the last 2 discs of Buffy to bring comfort? I'm sad.
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