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No Food Network?!

For those wondering... no, I haven't cleaned my room yet. *grins* Did you really expect me to do that?!

mangiecat phoned about a half hour ago. She is the one that is forsaking this town and moving to Lethbridge, Alberta. She was supposed to be going today, but she decided to postpone her trip until tomorrow. So, Sunday morning coffee it is.... once it reaches a more reasonable hour. *grins* aolfe looked at me like I was crazy and said, "You aren't going over now, are you???" Nah chickee, go back to bed. We'll go in a bit...

My roomie is going with her as well. The two have never been on a road trip together and, frankly, I think she could use a spot of adventure in her life. Regarding me, it will kind of feel like I have my own place. My other roomie, Happygoth, sleeps until around noon or so, and works into the evening. Even though I only saw aolfe a little during the week, she would be the one I see most often. That, and no more Food Network for a week! WAHOO! *laughs* Oh come on aolfe, you know I love you anyway....

I have volunteered to be in the pit for this year's musical at the high school... good ol' "Grease". *dons leather jacket* My first rehearsal was yesterday, and man, do I suck. *laughs* After dusting off a tenor saxamaphone, I realise I will have to do a bit more practicing since I haven't touched one in over 5 years. But, it was fun. I forgot how much fun it could be. I started off grumbling and embarrassed since I didn't practice AT ALL this week, but at the end, I was laughing and bobbing my head. Today, I'm going to take my saxaphone with me when I go to my Momma's for supper, and get my stepdad to help me out a bit (helps that he used to be a band teacher). Whip up a couple of solos (since I suck at the phenomenon known as "improvisation"), and I'll be ready to groove.

Happygoth rearranged the office so he could fit in an armoire (or however you spell it) from mangiecat His desk is now right beside mine. This means, I'll be able to smell him better, which I don't believe is a good thing.... *smirks*

On a more personal/emotional level, I'm really starting to get pissed off. No, not at anyone in general, but more at myself. Friday was great. Felt great and thought, "Whew! Maybe things can get back to as normal as I can get." Nope, the friggin' mood swings returned yesterday. I'll be fine, then extremely pissed off (ready to chew someone's head off), then ready to cry, then tired. Logically, I believe I'm over all the crap that happened at the beginning of the month, but I guess I still have a few more lingering issues to work out...