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Apparently on the prowl...

Greetings one and all. I know this will sound slightly unusual, but I had a great day at Ye Ol' Slaughter House today. It was fun. Sorry, no rant today.

You may be curious about the subject line by now. Well, it looks like my Stalker, Skinner Boy, and my admirer, Knife Man, seem to be involved in a slight competition. Usually, I run from these things.....

Once I stole Skinner Boy's cookie, and now he offers me a M&M cookie at lunch. I complain about my back, and he offers me a back rub. I decline.

Next break, Knife Man sneaks up behind me and gives me a shoulder rub. Was it ever good! After he was done, I said thanks. He shrugged, and moved on. (Side note: Knife Man is older than Skinner Boy... and I think that's why I seem to develop infatuations with slightly older men. They seem to know what they are doing.) I guess I was slightly vocal during the rub, because Skinner Boy and another guy was staring at me after. Oops. Sorry, but it was really good!

Then Skinner Boy waits for me and finds subtle ways of touching me, such as drying his hands on my jacket sleeve. Of course, this is the same time asking me if I "came" or what. The shoulder rub was really, really good. Add all of this plus cuddling with Penguin this past weekend, and that is more times that I have been touched in the last couple of days then.... hmmmm... probably my last summer drunken night of indiscretion.

This new aura of attention must have shown because a few more guys talked and joked with me as well.

I don't know if it's due to all of these innocent, and perhaps not-so-innocent, contacts, the little pink pills, or the planets becoming in line with each other, but I don't feel quite so asexual today. I wonder how this is going to affect my reputation?

So, look out! It's taken many years, but it looks like I may be on the prowl....