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Just chillaxin'

Today is a good day. Because, even though I'm drastically behind and evaluations of myself and parent-teacher interviews happen next week, I decided to take a day off.

Man, did I need it.

I made banana and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. I had some fries with 7-Up with hoo_baa_joo and Eel for lunch. I baked an apple crisp and some chocolate chip cookies. I watched Much Musics' 20 Most Wanted Girls, and then 20 Most Wanted Guys. I did some random exercises while that was on (dont' worry, nothing that would actually burn a calorie). And I took my time showering. Soon, I'm going out for supper with aolfe and Happygoth and then playing at the last showing of Grease.

Tomorrow, I'm going to regret not doing anything. But, right now, I'm feeling pretty good...