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Totally unproductive


Parent Teacher came and went. Friday arrived with the usual Friday craziness. I had 3 students in the morning. So, I took them out for breakfast. Yep, I do get away with a few things not being attached to the high school.

Last night, I went to a concert where I saw Driven Under, Damacus, and Dreadnaut. Yay for local bands. Driven Under was quite enjoyable. They have an Evanescence quality to them. I think I'm starting to get a little too old for the strictly growling bands, but Damacus still had a decent beat. Dreadnaut always puts on a decent show. I think I'm a bit biased since I went to school with the members of the band...

Tonight is my parents going-away party. One of the radio personalities here arranged a social in their honour at the Army and Navy Hall. So, aolfe, happygoth, hoo_baa_joo, and myself are heading there later on tonight.

Yay for doing nothing productive today!