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"I'll poke you for free" - Knife Man

My fingers hurt. I think work is starting to take it's toll a titch (yes, you read that word right) early this year. I was freezing all day today, and it feels like I have arthritis in my fingers. Moan and bitch, bitch and moan.

Last night, I babysat two little girls I used to babysit years ago. So, what would any good babysitter from the past do? Yep, I drove them to a local mall and gave them ice cream. The oldest girl is 7 years old now. And has quite the attitude. It just makes me laugh because:

1. Extreme good looks are going to pair that attitude when she
gets older, and

2. She's not my kid

Horrible to say, but it got me through the night. The father had problems at work, so he didn't come home until 10:45. Considering my bed time is anywhere between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m., I was one tired baby.

So, I've been figuring out my finances, and I want to buy a new comic book. I know, I know... how suave of me. I want to purchase "Fables & Reflections" of The Sandman Chronicles, but usually these things run me approximately $35. Now that I have formed a pseudo-life through the aid of alcohol, I don't know if I have $35 to drop.

Anyone want to contribute to the "Jez Needs Another Medium To Escape Reality (Legally)" fund?
Anyone at all????

Maybe I should start asking my room-mates to start paying their rent. Or, perhaps, I'll bring it up to Skinner Boy, and he'll buy it for me. Just kidding, I'm not that horrid of a person. But, speaking of Skinner Boy...

Skinner Boy has an extra ticket to the fair this weekend. I told him that if my plans fall through with Special K and Penguin, I would go with him. That feels really weird: the fact that he readily agreed to be my back-up plan. Who does that? I would feel jipped if I was someone's "second choice", but he seemed happy about it. *shrugs* Boys are dumb, I suppose.

Maybe he sees it as a possible date. I don't know how I feel about that. Am I ready to actually try out this phenomenon called a "relationship"? Or, should I just use him for free access to the fair and rides, and move on as usual? I don't know.... he might be screwed either way. All the guys I know are my friends, and all the guys I have brief interludes of "romance" with, are never to be seen again. It's a miracle if I know their last names.

Hmmmm..... mayhaps I should make a poll for this trying decision....


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Jun. 12th, 2003 06:26 pm (UTC)
Ooooooo.... comics.....
Really? I'm sort of anal retentive when it comes to things in a series. I own I through V. My ex (the Little Red Headed Boy) got me hooked on them. If you want something slightly more psychotic, there is Johnny, The Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez, or if you want something more "cartoon-ish", there is Lenore by Roman Dirge. And, I also recommend Writhe & Shine by Robert Tritthardt.
(Deleted comment)
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