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Ridnne Zeltho in a coffeeshop

Happy Easter for those who celebrate. For those who don't, wait until tomorrow when all the chocolate is on sale... *munch, munch*

T-Dot is treating myself and hoo_baa_joo well. Yesterday was spent at the CN tower. Yeppers, that is a bloody tall building. Sweated a bit when I was standing on the glass floor of the observation deck. Lots of pics though....

We also walked along Yonge street and did a bit of shopping. Okay, more than a bit. I've been trying to behave myself when it comes to that stuff, but I have a bad habit of buying things for other people. So far, I don't think I'm doing too badly. Yay for VISA....

We also went to a comedy show last night. The headliner was "That Canadian Guy", Glen Foster. Pretty good... he even made a joke about cashews. *laughs* Yes, I realise a very select few know the story behind that one...

Today, we don't have much planned. I don't know what is open on Easter. We do have tickets to Medieval Times tonight (a dinner theatre), which will be great. I did this show once in Grade 10 when I traveled to California. You sit down in an arena, and depending where you sit, that is the knight you cheer for. Our school picked yellow.... which was the Knight of Love and Poetry *rolls eyes*... which means he was the first to die. I hope I get the Justice one, or the good ol' fashioned Evil one. I just want a sporting chance this time... *pouts and grins*