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Time to go back???

As the clock is ticking, our time in Toronto is drawing to a close. We leave around 4 p.m. Ontarian time *grins* and stay the night at my sister's in the City. Then a little time in my old stomping grounds to visit a few folks, and then back to my regularly scheduled life.


Yesterday was spent at the Hockey Hall of Fame. *rolls eyes and grins* Actually, it wasn't THAT horrific. But, as you would correctly guess, this was hoo_baa_joo's pick. At least he didn't hump the Stanley Cup and get arrested. *chuckles* And, I spent about $20 for drinks alone at the Hard Rock Cafe. *licks lips* It was well worth it... you should all look for a drink called "Yellow Submarine".

This trip hasn't been too horrible so far. The worse thing that has happened is that it turned out Medieval Times was at 3:30 p.m., and we didn't realise this until 5 p.m. Were we moronic for booking an afternoon show?!?! Yes, I believe we were. But, no illnesses, my food has been decent, and we haven't killed each other yet. Like, I said, it's been a good trip....