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The Split Level Dream

Good morning all.

*sighs* Ever feel that the weekend is not long enough? I don't want it to be Sunday already....

So, to quickly recap what is going on in my life: I got pre-approved for a $130,000 mortgage. hoo_baa_joo and I fell in love with a 4 level split. For those that are trying to imagine what a four level split may look like: imagine your regular two level house (main floor and basement). Take a laser and split it in half (front half and back half). Take the back half and push in up half a floor.

It's pretty damn neat. So, the main floor (up a few steps) has the living room and kitchen, the upper floor has the master bedroom, a spare bedroom, and a bathroom. The lower floor (directly under the the upper floor) has 2 more rooms (which we were thinking of a mini rec room and an office) and another bathroom, and the basement (directly under the main floor) has the laundry machines and excellent for storage.

The backyard is a good size. It has a little landscaping done already, and a lawn gnome! Needs some tiki torches and a BBQ though... *grins* It's also in a nice area of town. In fact, I'm not too far from opera_queen's home base.

They were asking $130,000 for it.
I offered $120,000, with all the major appliances and sheds included.
They counter offered $122,000.
I accepted.
I move in July 1st, 2005.

*looks around in shock* I guess I'm a home owner.