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Momma's Day

Good morning to all.... or afternoon, or evening. All depending from what part of the world you are reading this from. *scratches* 'Ello then. *grins*

Yes, for some reason, I woke up in a chipper mood. I guess that is a side effect from being grumpy yesterday and doing nothing but sleeping. *grins*

Today is Mother's Day. This year, Booger and I (with the financial contributions of our significant others) got my parents a VCR/DVD Player/Recorder machine. My Momma's goal was to record all of my step-father's VHS onto DVDs. I know, how modern! *laughs* Talk about Invasion of the Body Snatchers...

So, their birthdays are in April. Momma's Day is in May. We celebrate Step-Father's Day in June. One gift seems to cover all. Not that we are cheap, mind you, but my parents would feel awkward us spending so much on them if we didn't make it stretch across the board. Plus, there can be times where I am bloody cheap. *crosses eyes*

Today might be interesting. On one hand, I'm going to phone my Momma and step-mom and wish them to have a wonderful day (compliments from Hallmark, of course). On the other hand, I don't quite know my role of being here while my love thinks about his mom who passed away. I have already told him if he needs some time to himself, just to kick me out. *grins* Maybe we'll rent some video games...

*grins* Oh, and last night, he took me to explore part of the Millennium Trail on our bikes. The Millennium Trail is a trail (the part we were on was dirt and scenic) that is charted all around the outskirts of our city. I haven't even figured out how to access it let alone given it a try since I moved back. It was good, except for the part when I realised that since I haven't moved my arse in 8 months, I'm out of shape. *grins*

Aaaaaaaaand, my house has a "SOLD" sign on it. *claps and bounces* That's right, I have officially accumulated more debt.


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May. 9th, 2005 10:42 pm (UTC)
So the best part of buying a house: when the sign - FINALLY - gets the "SOLD" part put up on it. IT MAKES IT REAL!!
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