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Finishing the rant

Hey guys and gals....

You may have wondered what had actually happened (school front wise). The big issue is, the school board is trying to break contract. Yes, that's it. Something that small skyrocketing to, in some eyes, biblical proportions. And that is all I can say about that.

In all honesty, there is a code of conduct that we follow. So, I can't tell all the details. It's a souped-up boy scout kind of thing that you voluntarily sign up for when you enter the ever-so-glorious world of being a teacher. It doesn't matter what else the "other side" may be doing. The only step that we can take is informing the public how bloody great we are, in case it boils down to the public having to pick a side.

Which, it actually shocked the hell out of me that the majority of people would have blamed the school board for the discontinuance of extra curricular activities. If I hadn't become a teacher and known all the seedy doings in the background, I would have thought "inside the box" and blamed the first line of offense: the teacher. So, good for you for being more naturally enlightened than me. *grins and winks*

Yes, my thoughts are kind of sporadic today. I decided to have a bottle of wine with my veggie pizza last night. My head has finally straighted itself out. *crosses eyes*

* opera_queen, it definitely was the white version of our favourite South African wine. Mmmmmmmm....
* soullessflyer, the cake looked damn good! *grins*


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May. 15th, 2005 03:22 am (UTC)
Yummy cake...

Mmmmmmmmm...... come to Canada, and that can be yours. *grins and nudges*
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