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Oh frig.

Okay, I realised I said I would do that interview thingie next post, but things have occurred since then that I need to write (type?) down. Sorry Special K, I'll phone you in a minute.

So, today was my date with my stalker. Things were going platonically terrific. Went to the fair. No matter how much sun block I put on, I got a tan. It sucked ass, but still we managed to avoid sun stroke. Then we played some horrific pool. I took him to my friend's restaurant, where we spent hours eating, and talking to each other and other people (very original restaurant). Then, we went to Opera Singer's house to watch "Catch Me If You Can". Rocko stopped by, and we decided to go to the "Saloon" set up at the fair. Then, things changed.

Got to the fair, and I took his hand to get through the crowds, and he never let go the rest of the night. He kissed me. I kissed back. He drove me home, and we spent almost an hour fogging up his car windows. What the *bleep* is that?!?!??!

I talked during the entire time. Of the most idiotic things possible. I told him that I was relationship phobic. I was sarcastic. I told him that I would "have to check my ever-so-busy shhhhhedule".

He wanted to take off my clothes, but he said "Not tonight. Not yet." He told me that he didn't want this to be a one night stand. He told me that he wants to see me again. He asked when was my next free weekend. My bottom lip is still tingly.

I really don't know what to do. I.... I don't know. It's scary, yet surreal. Will I wake up from this? I'm supposed to phone him tomorrow (today). How are we going to act at work?

This opens a can of worms, and I don't know if I like worms.