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Supper and an update at 4:46 p.m.

Mmmmm, man, do I make a mean veggie sandwich. *smacks lips* Nothing like cucumber, tomato, bean sprouts, and garden vegetable cream cheese on a kaiser roll. So, I am going to type sporadically while I try to shove my supper into my face.

Let's see.... *scratches chin*... where to start off? I would like to, once again, wish opera_queen a happy birthday. A quarter of a century she is. *giggles* It sounds older when you say it that way. And I will continue to say it that way until next month when I'm faced with the same dilemma. Then it won't be funny anymore.

Tonight is performance night. Tonight is the annual cabaret put on by the music dept. at the high school. This year's theme is "A Blast To The Past": a celebration of the past 20 cabarets. And, the best part, aolfe, muzio, myself, and many others are there to perform in an alumni band. Some people in the band have graduated last year, some have in 1985. Yet again, it feels good to play. If you're in range, come check it out. I may celebrate the "Slumber Party" theme we had when I was in Grade 12 and go in my pjs. Or, because I'm too lazy to make anything.... *grins*

The past couple of days, I've been in a bit of a frumpy mood. I know I keep saying that I gained weight this year, but it really hit when I tried on my last year's summer clothes. Okay, maybe I should reword that as tried to try on. *sighs* I was thinking, "What is so different? I'm still eating the same...". Then, it dawned on me: I don't move my ass. I know that seems pretty obvious, but how much I used to move it kind of shocked me. Most days, I went to the gym with opera_queen or pen_girl before classes. Right now, I would be in the midst of the 6 week trek through Western Europe where we walked everywhere and had our belongings strapped to our backs. So, I decided to "move" more. And last night, I sure did....

.... when my boyfriend and I went offroading some 10 km north of town, got stuck in a glorified mud puddle, and started combating the mosquitoes and forged townward. *grins* I didn't find it that horrible. We got picked up near the dump (not too far down the highway, once we reached the highway). Unfortunately, the Tracker is still in the mud puddle. But my boyfriend will figure something out. Plus, I see this as canceling out the time I ran out of gas during one of our trips in sub -30 degree weather. *laughs*

One more sandwich, and relax for a bit before I bring out the sax...


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Jun. 2nd, 2005 12:47 am (UTC)
ALMOST ALMOST! we still got a bit to go. it was cold and my feets were chilly. and uhh yeah. mmmmmm cake. i like yer cakes!
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