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Satanic Rant

No, this is not where I start ranting like crazy while my head rotates in full circles. Nor will I be chanting or holding upside down crosses. This is where I am going to start bitching about ignorance.

Back tracking a bit: I love religion. It interests me. That's why I minored in it in my first University degree. Ask anyone; no matter of your faith or beliefs, I love talking about religion. So, when I was going through the various binders the previous teacher had acumulated in 14 years, and I came across one labeled "Satanism and Cults", I became interested. It makes sense, especially if you have students that claim they are Satanists or in a cult. Inside were photocopies of scholarly journal articles starting from 1982 and moving forward. So, after having supper with my boyfriend and Baby J, everything some what tidied up, the bf gone to play his new computer game, I laid down and started to delve into the binder.

What I read supremely pissed me off.

Not about the idea of Satanism... It's not my cup of tea. And honestly, I don't know if the people that use the excuse of Satanic beliefs for rape, torture, and murder at true Satanists. Just like true Muslims wouldn't bomb buildings. I don't discredit the religion by any sense: it is a recognized religion. It's the flip side of Christianity. Neither religion could not exist without the other side. Ying and yang. Every religion has it's rituals and chants/prayers/invocations (ever say the Lord's Prayer?) But anyways, I digress...

I'm tired of the ignorance. The past definition of "pagan" was "not of Christian worship". So, really, every other religion was a pagan religion. Now, it has been expanded to:
"One who is not a Christian, Muslim, or Jew, especially a worshiper of a polytheistic religion. "
"One who has no religion."
"A non-Christian."
"A hedonist."
"A Neo-Pagan."

Fine. Great. Still contains the original definition, but includes much more. Smart move, especially in the belief structures we have today. Still, especially in the Western world, it can suck not being a Christian since you are not part of the majority. Keeping in mind that not only Satanism deals with the occult or "New Age-y" matters, I read.

First, if you are talking about Satanists, use the proper terms! Do not use "witches", "dealing in the occult", "witchcraft", "wicca", and the sort. WITCHES ARE NOT SATANISTS! The idea of Satanism only exists in their relgion, and Christianity. Wiccans do not believe in the Christian God or Devil! And the appearance of horoscopes in newspapers and tarto card readers increasing doesn't mean Satanism is on the rise. *growls* Fine. Drive the wedge between the majority and the minority. I delve further.

Second, the idea of the pentagram. These articles actually stated to look for someone wearing a upside down cross or a pentagram. Satanists usually have the pentagram upside down as well, but no one pays attention to that. Why should you care? Wiccans use the pentagram as well for protection. It is an ancient symbol. It means the 5 parts of the world (think Captian Planet and the Planeteers) and the unity of the circle. "Evil" religions have always corrupted ancient symbols. Take Hitler's sign, for example. Did you realise that if you straightened it out (so that each "arm was pointing north, south, east, west), that is a viking (I believe?) rune for protection? Upsdiedown cross, well, that's obvious what that is a perversion to. But, before you judge, know what the symbols mean.

Third, "experts" in the area have not helped this area at all by titling their books such as "The Supernatural: Witches and Witchcraft" (Jeremy Kingston). That would be something I would be interesting in reading... until you realise there are passages like:
(regarding Satanists)sacrifice human babies, worship the Devil, include sexual activities and perversions in their ceremonies, have rituals to pronouce curses on their enemies....

Fourth, the idea of Satanic messages in the music of AC/DC, Ozzy, Slayer, Iron Maiden, and so on. There was an actual scientific article talking about how humans can only start hearing noises at 20 Hz, but recording equipment can reach the 5-15 range. Insert the idea of subliminal messaging. For my friends that enjoy listening to those bands and similar ones, tell me, have you had the urge to eat any babies recently?

It's really scary that the articles continued on this way until I reached a 1990's Manitoba Journal of Counselling which finally made a distinction between Satansim and other "New Age" religions. It is notes by a Christian Reverend making the distinction. If you are interested, you can read it in the next post.

Why am I so upset over this? First, I really view it as idiotic. Christians do not like to be generalized or labeled... no one does. Do not be ignorant. Before you start spouting off about "heathen activity" and even before you think of writing an article as an "expert", educate yourself. Second reason, my own personal beliefs.

I am a Wiccan. Very few people know that. Why? Am I ashamed of what I believe in? Heck no. I was baptized as a Roman Catholic. I went to Sunday School. Do I hate Catholics and Christians? Not at all. The majority of my friends are Christians. That religion did not "suit" me. I have tried other denomiations in the Christian faith, and I realised it is not for me. Wicca makes sense to me. I do not believe in the Christian god, I believe in the power in trees, water, and stones. I own a small, silver pentacle given to me by a friend. Same word as a pentagram, but I find that "pentagram" has such negative connotations.

I had a hard time explaining this to my mother since she was raised as Irish Roman Catholic and anything to do with the Occult was "evil". It took a bit of time for my ultra-liberal mother to even realise that Wicca is not about the horror movies and my soul will not go to what she believes is Hell. That's my own mother around 10 years ago.

In the first month of school this year, I was leaning over a desk to help a student with her work, she saw my small pentacle, looked me straight in the face, and said "The Power of Christ Compels You". And then she laughed. I haven't worn it to school since.

It sucks being in the minority. You can ask anyone... I believe I am a good person. I help out anyone I can whenever I can. I give food and spare change to homeless people. I give council to others. I give money to friends and family. I teach.

Some say that I'm a good Christian. Too bad that's not my relgion. Question time: Has your perception of me changed?? You better take your children out of my classroom... after all, I may kill them and eat them to sacrifice their souls. *cries*


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Jun. 26th, 2005 05:18 am (UTC)
Yes, my perception of you has changed. Not worse, not better, just more enlightened. You make more sense all of a sudden, which is weird, because I didn't realize there were parts of you that didn't make sense until they suddenly did. I still love you. Maybe more than before.
Jun. 26th, 2005 01:12 pm (UTC)
*blinks* Wow, where did the sarcasm go? You're suddenly all mushy...
*grins* Thanks. Just for further info, it was Epona, our east coast friend now in London, that gave me my necklace. *hugs back*

Waitaminute... what do you mean there were parts that didn't make sense?!?!? *chuckles*
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 28th, 2005 02:28 pm (UTC)
*scratches the back of head and blushes* Gawd guys, stop with the niceties. Where is the sarcasm?!?!?!

*grins and bows* Thank you very much for your comments. I hope I can live up to the expectations...
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