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Round Two

Tonight, I have another date with the ex-stalker, Skinner Boy (I guess I really can't call him my stalker anymore). We are going to the movie "The Italian Job". No idea what that is about, but it sounded like the best possible movie to what is being offered here. As I pretend that I don't care, that I'm just going to the movies, I find myself applying some eye make-up.

Someone put me out of my misery. What happened to the good ol' days when I though the male gender had cooties?

Yesterday, I slept in about an hour. Yep, I was late. Damn, damn the Man. It appears that I am turning off my alarm clock in my sleep again. I used to do things in my sleep. Nothing as drastic as sleep walking (as far as I am aware of), but I'm famous for having complete and rational conversations. One of my room-mate's is envious; he claims that I have cheated consciousness.

Fine and dandy, but I do have to go to work in order to get money. So, I'm forsaking the snooze button, and have the alarm clock set of the "give me a bloody heart attack" buzzer instead of the radio. We will conquer my need to remain unconscious yet.