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Yeppers, sure bored in here.

These final days of employment seem to draaaaaaag on. My exams ended last Wednesday, so I haven't had much human contact since. I have been shoveling out my classroom. That doesn't sound like a big feat, except:
#1 - There was 14 years of stuff left behind by the previous teacher, so I went through binders deciding what I should keep and what I should chuck
#2 - I'm a friggin' slob as well.

But, I am now approaching a week of organizing SOLID. It's driving me bonkers! I have orientation meetings with possible next year students, but most of those meetings never happen. If you are going to miss, please phone. Just so I can hear a human voice. I spent almost 2 hours talking to soullessflyer on MSN this morning. I started to feel guilty... but then, it dawned on me. I very rarely slack off ever when I am at work. Often, I work at lunch as well. So, a couple of hours for 10 months ain't that shabby.

It's sucky that I won't be paid for the 29th and 30th since I need those days off for my step-brother's wedding, and I had no personal leave days left. But, maybe it's a good thing. Spending the whole week here would probably drive me nuts.

Oh, and I get my house this Friday!!!