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My guy

Greetings all. Welcome to another dreadfully dull day in the passage of time known as life. Okay, I'll cheer up...

So, last night, Skinner Boy and I saw "The Italian Job". For those who would guess that this would be a mafia flick, shame on you for using stereotypes like that! And, like me, you would be wrong. It's about honour and camaraderie among thieves. 'Twasn't bad.

So, afterward, Skinner Boy and I were ... getting cozy, when he made reference to his girlfriend. Before I could question about this, I realised he meant me. I asked him exactly when did I become his girlfriend. Well, he reminded me that on Saturday, after the festivities, I asked him if we where dating now. So, I guess that transcribes me being his girlfriend.

I guess that isn't such a bad thing. I still can't seem to refer to him as "my boyfriend" though. So, he's now known as "my guy".

A few more things about him: He has an 18 year old brother that is graduating this weekend, his approximately 10 months younger than me, he's from a farm but refuses to acknowledge that he's a farmer, and he's had 4 serious girlfriends which the last relationship ended over a year ago. Oh, and he gives good back rubs.

Hmmmm... I wonder when he's going to start asking me about my past, and how I'm going to explain it. It's not as horrid as I may be making it out to be, but it may put some unexpected pressure on this budding "relationship".

Work today was okay. It looks like Skinner Boy is going to be promoted to a higher skill level soon. No longer will he wear the dreary title of "Membrane Skinner", but don the proud sash of "Rind Skinner". Hey, it's a dollar more an hour, and he seems excited about it. So, should we rename him "Super Skinner Boy"?

Damn, this guy is starting to have more names than .... well, I don't know. Give me a break. It's hard to be witty right after a soul retching day slaving in the Slaughter House. I'm going to go have a shower now.


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(Deleted comment)
Jun. 19th, 2003 02:51 pm (UTC)
Re: The Italian JOb
AWESEOME! My room-mate's and I thought it was a remake, but we had no clue to what movie and when.

Yet again, the anonymous stranger from half way around the world answers life's probing questions.
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