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Slightly shaken, not stirred

I know that I promised an update on the past month, but now I have lost my motivation.

Last night, an old friend was back from serving some peace-keeping time in Afganistan. So he, his girlfriend, happygoth, and aolfe came over last night, and I laughed so hard, it hurt. It was good spending some time with friends. Went to bed around midnight. Woke up this morning and spent some time with Baby J. Went into the kitchen around 8 a.m.

At some point early this morning, someone leaned a ladder against my house, forced the window open wider, took out the screen, and broke into my house while myself and Baby J slept upstairs.

Apparently, there was a streak of crime on my street last night. The ladder came from a stolen truck from across the street. I don't think the person or people involved actually came into the house, because there was nothing disturbed beyond the kitchen.

We are fine, and nothing really damaged. I have the black dust for fingerprinting over my windowsill. All that was stole was my wallet. And my sense of security.