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The Return of Heavy D

My boyfriend returns today. I must admit, it has been kind of nice to have the bed to myself and only one guy to clean up after. It has been nice to hear his voice when he calls... even when he ignores me on the phone in order to talk computers with his managerial buddies. *rolls eyes and grins* Well, at least he made the effort to phone, I suppose. I guess I should get my arse in gear and do some laundry and dishes before the hellion gets up. I crashed last night, so I didn't even wash the kitchen floor, even though it needs it. 2 year old + liquids + misc. foods and snacks + soup for lunch = ay carumba!

Sweetie: even though I hate uttering those words "we need to talk", maybe you could help out around the house more?

On the thievery front, ADT is making an appointment to configure my security system. Yay, I'm becoming one of the paranoid... *rolls eyes*

And one more "Yay" for more debt. I asked for a bit of an extention on my line of credit. I would like to get some stuff done to the house (such as painting Baby J's room and painting the livingroom) before the snow flies. Maybe I'll drop some in RRSP's as well so that I won't get dinged at Income Tax time. *sighs* When was obtaining debt so easy? I hate being an adult.


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Aug. 25th, 2005 01:38 pm (UTC)
you an adult?
Actually I think you make one hell of an adult. Your buddy champ has shamed me into doing the dishes. Maybe you could find out what he hates, say I'll do that job and you can do this job, because I can't stand doing laundry. There is just so much waiting around doing nothing it drives me crazy. I don't exceptionally like dishes, but when a choice was needed, I went with the one I didn't loathes.Or...next time he's there just close your eyes and start swinging, who knows who'll get a right hook.

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