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Slightly sweaty

Well, even though it's scorching outside, there is a beautiful wind blowing. Or so I'm told. Damn landlord has not taken my storm window off yet. I do realise I live in "crack whore central", but (theoretically speaking), I do have rights as a tenant. Right??? Anyone???? *looks around*

Work went great today. It's amazing what happens if you blow off people and go to sleep at a decent hour. I heard about this latest craze called "sleep", and thought "What the heck" and gave it a-go. Now, I'm a convert. I may even get to bed at a decent hour tonight since Skinner Boy didn't get to bed early enough and he was dragging ass today. Unless he's having a nap right now. Hmmmmm..... mayhaps I should start prank calling him. He told me he's a light sleeper....

I even got permission from one of my supervisors to leave work early tomorrow to catch a bus to a nearby city, where I will meet some old high school friends and catch a ride up to my northern home-city. One of the girls is having a bridal shower up there, and also the city fair is happening. This fair better have the Zipper, or I'm going to be drunk and obnoxious. *stops and reconsiders* What am I even saying? Of course I'll be drunk!

Apparently, the phone company that my father worked for had a retirement party for all of the people that retired this year. Yep, sure wasn't invited. I left a disgruntled message on Daddy-Dearest's answering machine. Knowing that grump, he probably didn't go either.

On that note, time for that showering phenomenon. If I feel really rambuncious, perhaps I'll do a load of laundry as well.