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I want someone to baby me....

At this present moment, the computer room does not smell like dog pee. Which I would consider a good thing...

Lemme see.... what to ramble about? Life is the same as always. I hit a bit of a bad string of luck for a bit. My car is dying (radiator is going) and it will take a smidgen over $900 to fix. I broke my only pair of glasses. Got notice for an overdue bill. Work hit some stressful points (I screwed up with dealing with a student). And generally, having the "meh, whatever" type of feeling lingering.

But, with all bad luck, I tend to get a bit of good luck. I had got a letter from City Hall, which I didn't open for a few days. *grins sheepishly* Turns out, I'm getting a refund on my taxes (turns out my bank paid for them). That is $2100 baby! I may actually trade in my car, put down a down payment, and seek out alternative transportation. That's right, folks... I may go car shopping. *rolls eyes* I have until the 29th for my current car insurance to expire.

But, in all reality, I could really use the money to knock down my credit card bills and get a new pair of glasses. One thing is for sure, I am going to get my hair done! I haven't got a dye job and my hair trimmed since before summer! *sighs* When you are constantly worried about your current financial affairs, you can't justify getting your hair done.

And my momma is going to be here in a week. *giggles and bounces* I'm tired of being an adult. Really, I am. She is going to be here for a week, which is great. Someone to bake with, talk with, shop with, and watch dramatic tear-jerking TV with. Basically, someone to take care of me and tell me it's all going to be okay. *nods* I am organizing a dinner party for my parents and a few of their friends for the 26th. It is going to be a Murder Mystery Party. *rubs hands evilly* I finally got my boyfriend somewhat interested about it when I told him that his character is a computer geek, and he can surf on his laptop during the party. *rolls eyes*

Speaking of my boyfriend, he is down south right now. He is going to see Queens of the Stone Age and NIN tomorrow night. *sighs* Sometimes I wished for more job flexibility. Heck, sometimes I wish for more freedom altogether. There are days that I get so frustrated and plain sick of everything, I'm afraid if I started screaming, I would never stop. Then Baby J asks for a hug, or a student wishes me a good day, or my boyfriend rubs my shoulders, and I stop... take a deep breath.... and continue on.


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Nov. 14th, 2005 05:08 am (UTC)
You are to me.
Baby to me you are the mot paitent careing loveing and most beautifull woman I have ever had the pleasure of being with,. I miss you right now . kiss my son for me and tell him I love him. then remember that I love you as well.
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