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Wow, Xmas approacheth

Wow, I've been really sucking in the "updating" department. Well, here we go...

It's the Christmas season. Yet again. *sighs* I don't totally hate this season. Buying things for my loved ones makes me smile. Especially when I find something that they didn't ask for, but I know they will like. I don't even mind the weather. Nothing is more beautiful than the calm loneliness of snow.

I just find winter loooooong. This will be the first time on crazy meds, and I'm actually finding a difference already. I still sleep more during this time of year (part bear, mayhaps?), but I can move in the mornings. And I find that my stress level has gone down. So much, in fact, I haven't mailed out a bloody gift or card yet. Damn. *shakes head* Too mellow....

My boyfriend has gone out of town. He's heading off to inherit a snow blower from my sister. My sister and her long-time guy have broken up. As hard as it was for her, we are all starting to see glimpses of the "old" Booger. You know, the one that smiles. It's good to have her back. Plus, now my boyfriend does have to shovel the driveway. *grins and shrugs*

And Baby J is off at his mother's. For about the past month, he has been spending at least one overnight a week (weekend) at her place. The arrangement is going quite well. Baby J's brother stays too, and his sister lives with mom. Nice family reunion every week. Baby J misses his mom, and I want him not only to feel normal, but feel lucky, that two households love him very much.

I went to Halifax last weekend. My boyfriend gave me a weekend flight to check out my parents' new home on the East Coast. Absolutely amazing! It was weird to see snow, beach, and waves all together. And even though I was there for only a day or so, it was very relaxing. Even though people from Halifax are called "Haligonions" *shrugs* and they swear like mofos. *grins*

And yeah. I'm in a house by myself. I may take up the offer from a fellow teacher and go play some cards.