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No Resolutions Here

Happy holiday season to you all. Another Christmas has come and gone. Is it just me, or did this time play in fast forward?

Everyone was good to me this year. Baby J got spoiled rotten. He had so many gifts, he got tired of opening them after awhile. *grins* There is no living with him now.

I am the Queen of the Gift Certificates. Coo coo cachoo. I got about $300 in Wal-Mart gift cards, so I think I may pick up a cheapie elipical trainer for $200. I'm going stir crazy in this house, and I need to get me enlarged arse in gear. Plus, it's also an excuse to use the MP3 player my honey-lumpkin gave me. Yes folks, I'm finally joining this generation.

Plans for tonight: throwing the kid away (a friend is taking him to have a sleepover with her two kids), inviting happygoth and aolfe over for some drunken Mario Party 7 on the Game Cube. *laughs* No, I kid you not. And, actually, I'm looking forward to it....