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I know I willingly chose this profession, but that doesn't mean I like waking up in the mornings. *grumble, grumble*

Life hasn't been too shabby lately.

Ack.... hold on.... student walked in.....

Yes, I'm updating my journal during school hours. So sue me. *grins* Actually, my exam period is over, and the next few days are supposed to be for me to mark and get organized. But, due to various circumstances, some students didn't write during the regular writing times, so I'm giving today as a "last chance to try to pass" day. Plus, if I don't have people occasionally talking to me, I may fall asleep.

Sunday, we celebrated Baby J's 3rd birthday. He actually turned 3 a week earlier, but the boyfriend's bog boss was in town, so we had to postpone. Just under a dozen kids hyped up on sugar and birthday goodness. Throw in their parents as well. At my house...

Dang, now it's parents walking in. And phone calls. What, do they think I'm actually working today??? *snickers*

Anywho, my house... is in one piece. Do you think I would be crazy enough to let that many hyperactive children in my house??? *laughs* We had a pool party at one of the hotels here. It was great. We didn't even have to clean up our mess when we left. It was worth every penny.

I'm also now counting down the days until I'm at the high school. I'm no longre bitter, sad, etc. I just want out.


Feb. 2nd, 2006 02:59 am (UTC)
*crosses fingers*