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Skronk free zone

Greetings all... sorry for not invading your lives with my usual daily crap, but I have been a bit busy. Don't get excited, of course it was nothing important nor newsworthy.

Yesterday, I had a message from Witchgoddess waiting for me after work. I knew something was wrong since she phoned during the day. I guess they have found more problems with my car. How can that be possible? I'm replacing the entire engine! Oh right, I guess there still is the radiator and such. Damn.

So, the bill is going to be more than I paid for my car. I'm trying to track down my mother in New York in order to hear her curse from another country. Right now, she and my step-father are in a RV park for the summer. My step-father plays the clarinet in a symphony during the summer. At any rate, I digress....

I rarely get stress consciously. It's all on a subconscious level. I thanked Witchgoddess for phoning me, cleaned the house, and ate one large thin-crust cheese and mushroom pizza from Dominos. Ugh.

Skinner Boy's plans fell though with his friend, so he dropped by. Yep, we made it through 5 minutes (being generous) of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", before we went to my room. He stayed the night. And no, all you cheeky monkeys out there, I did not "skronk" him. It was just like a sleepover with friends.... er, wait, I don't make out with my friends. Hmmmmmm.... but there was no sex.

Tonight, I don't know what we are going to do. We were going to see a movie, but utter crap is playing. At any rate, he's to phone me later. I could be doing something productive, such as reassembling the closet that fell apart a few days ago and pick up the mountains of clothing that fell to the floor. On second thought, I'm going to go read the Stephen King novel I picked up for $2 during my bus trip.



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Jun. 25th, 2003 02:13 pm (UTC)
*grimices* Don't know about that... I'm in a bit of a snarky mood today. To tell you the honest truth, I've never been in a situation like this before. In fact, some of my oldest friends remember the days where I didn't like to be touched at all.

So, sometimes I get a titch... apprehensive .. when I stop and realise how well we are getting along. *shrugs*
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