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I am a survivor!!!

I have survived my first week at the big, bad high school. *thumbs up for me!*

Actually, things aren't going too badly. I'm not stressed as of yet, and I found hallway duty (an hour roaming around hallways) actually relaxing. Plus, one student said I was "weird, but in a good way". *grins*

Right now, I'm working on putting a thematic unit together for my Gr. 10 English class. The subject: Bullying. I'm thinking the end project being that they design PowerPoint presentations on the subject.I'm aiming to get them shown on the local cable channel here. As a complete coincidence, my old roomie G sent me an article on bullying aimed toward teachers, and I think I'm going to use that article with my class. Thanks, G!

Well, Valentine's Day is coming around the corner. This will be me and my bf's second one. He got me 2 bed/comforter sets (which I picked off of eBay). It's satiny beige. The bulk of our furniture in the room is a dark wood, with hardwood flooring. So, I'm thinking of painting the room a cappuccino kind of colour. Oooooo.... how designer of me. *grins* As for him, he asked for a video game. *sadly nods* Yeah, we are pretty boring people. I have a couple of gifts in mind.... which really all rely on my bf's financial status since we used my credit card to bid on eBay. *laughs* For all I know, I might have just bought myself a bed set!

That's about it. Still broke as ever. The car is still working.


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Feb. 12th, 2006 05:02 am (UTC)
I think I'll paint the ceiling beige. . . . HEHEHEHEHEHHEEe. .. ..
Feb. 13th, 2006 03:45 pm (UTC)
Good going...weird but in a good way is a great compliment!!
My siblings are having a hard time with call you Miss anything...my sis keeps coming home and asking mom, "Whats her last name again??"
LOL..thought you would like that.
Love ya, and maybe we can get together for cheesecake this week?? HMMM?
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