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Why must the teenage years be so hard?

One of my students from last term has made the decision to drop out of school. She is in love with a 29 year old man (she's 16) she met on the Net, and briefly visited in the City. I found her recent webpage, and she is now working full time and McDonald's and looking for an apartment. This man is supposed to be coming up soon....

*sighs* I hope she doesn't end up dead.

Another topic: I'm wondering if my Social Studies class cares enough to play a numbers game....

1.1 billion - a
There are 1.1 billion malnourished people on the planet

1.1 billion - b
There are 1.1 billion obese people on the planet. In the year 2004, the number of obese people caught up with the number of malnourished people on the planet

According to a UN report, 2004 was the fifth year in a row that the world’s food harvest fell short of meeting consumption.

Humans are consuming natural resources at a rate of 20% above which the earth can restore them.

$19 billion
In 2004, McDonald’s had revenues over $19 billion dollars. With over 30,000 stores in 119 different countries, McDonald’s serves about 47 million customers each day. Every year, McDonald’s spends about $2 billion dollars in advertising, much of it targeting children.

$3 billion
In 1999, the TD Bank made $3 billion dollars in profit. How much is 3 billion dollars? In order for you to save $3 billion, if you saved at a rate of $400 a day, you would have to have started saving at the birth of Jesus. At a rate of $100 a day, you would have to have started saving in the Stone Age.

7.2 million
In 2002, the top 100 CEO's in Canada earned an average salary of 7.2 million dollars. That works out to be about $3500 an hour.

While those CEOs were busy earning over 7 million dollars a year, Canadian workers in 2002 averaged $17 an hour. Do you know how long a worker would have to work to make what the CEO made in one year? At $17 an hour it would take 203 years. At minimum wage, it would take 510 years .
At least another 100,000 Canadian manufacturing jobs are expected to be lost in 2006 because of rising currency rates and high costs. Add this to the 200,000 jobs already lost since 2002.

There were close to 2000 cases of personal bankruptcy in Manitoba in 2005.

There are about 130 food banks in Manitoba.

38 – 18 – 34
If a Barbie doll could be transformed into a living woman, her measurements would be 38-18-34. Her waist would be so small, and her breasts so freakishly large that she would likely be unable to even stand up. For more than half a century this has been a standard of beauty presented to little girls.

In 2004, 6,211 women in Canada had silicone gel breast implants, despite recurring evidence that silicone implants cause numerous painful physical complications.

A global research study on beauty in 2004, found that four percent of Canadian women would be willing to give up 25 % of their intelligence to be 25% more beautiful.

100 - a
Each year Canadian children watch about 100 hours of television commercials. This is, in fact, a very conservative estimate, based on just 2 hours of daily television watching.

Twenty percent of Canadian teenagers smoke cigarettes.

1 in 4
One in four teenage girls in Canada has an eating disorder.

Thirty-six percent of Canadian teenagers are obese.

Forty-two percent of Canadian teenagers have tried drugs.

Each day in Manitoba 16 teenagers become pregnant.

Each year about 300 Canadian teenagers commit suicide….the highest rate among industrialized countries

Shorter Than
Children growing up in Canada and the U.S. are the 1st cohort in modern times looking at a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

100 - b
The Manitoba government suggests Kindergarten to Grade 6 students spend 100 hours in Social Studies each year.

Grades 5 to 8 students spend 143 hours in Social Studies each year.

Senior years students spend 110 hours in Social Studies each year.