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My eyes are no longer rebelling

Mmmmmm..... a Golden Delicious Apple and a glass of lemonade. Breakfast and lunch of champions. I think I'm going for a yellow theme today.

Hmmmmmm..... surprise, surprise, my internet and I are in the midst of another domestic dispute. He keeps claiming that I just use him. He's tired of it, and says we need "a break". It's more than that.... doesn't my internet realise that I need him? *sigh* Oh well.

Today, my eyes seem to have accepted the current situation. On Thursday, I started wearing contacts. I go to a great eye care place that takes care of everything. So, since I have never worn them before, they got a trial pair, took me to a back room, and helped me practice taking them in and out. Yes, I did that torture for an hour. And all I could think was "Frig! Ten year olds can do this. Git in my eye, dagnamit!!!" Yesterday, I wore them for 6 hours, and today I'm trying out the ever-strenuous 8 hour shift. It's getting easier, and my eyelids o' steel are relaxing. I guess this means I can finally purchase the most gaudy pair of $1 or less sunglasses at the local junk shop. *pumps arm victoriously in air* Yes! Horrific taste is now mine!!!

Wow, it's after 1 p.m. I have not slept in this late in a very long time. I'll regret it since *using her adult voice* this will alter my sleeping schedule for work next week..... *clears throat*... but I don't care. Next week is dumb anyway. Yes, I'm a graduate with an English Major that just called a week "dumb". I have to go to work on Monday, and then I get Tuesday off for Canada Day. Who needs a long weekend? It's not like I was planning to go up North again anyway...

That's right folks, my car is not fixed yet. While they were putting a new engine in my car (behind schedule, I may add), they found that I needed the following things *pulls out list*:
  • radiator
  • thermostat
  • drive belt
  • radiator cooler lines
  • temperature unit
  • idler pulley

As a side note, I went to a get-together with a literacy group I belong to and one of the members mentioned that Ford Contours have the tendency of their engines committing violent suicide. Where was she over a year ago?!?

Damn, damn the Man. The repairs and labour is going to cost more than my car. When the radiator came in Wednesday ,
(wait for it, wait for it)
it was the wrong one. So, I told my friends that I couldn't come up (even though we planned to go camping and they even bought me veggie burgers). I could not justify spending $160 on bus tickets (yes Ladies and Gents, that even includes the "International Student Identity Card" discount) to spend 24 hours in the bush. So, my guy and I are planning to go up and some point.

Skinner Boy has decided that he wants to come up North and see where I am from. We have been "going out" for 2 weeks today. He's slept over here and I have crashed over at his place. I think I may actually like this guy. Scary thing is, he adores me. He also has been making hints that if I can't find an apartment for next month, I could move in with him. I have been dodging that subject just like the enemy agents in "The Matrix". Oooo, look at my cat-like reflexes, and amazingly quick subject changes. Awe-inspiring, to say the least.