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*insert cat-like stretch here*

Ah, the joys of summer. Box fans on full blast, and I'm journalling in my underwear. How risque.

My guy is out of town at the current moment. He had to go to the City for some meetings, and should be flying back in tomorrow. Yesterday and today were my first days of freedom. I woke, fed Baby J and drove him to daycare. Yesterday, I slept. Literally, almost all day. Today, I read. I have engourged myself on two novels since I first tasted my freedom. To read something for the pure joy of it??? I forgot how sweet that was. Pair that with "Sims 2", and I'm giddy. My new character, Scarlette, is a whore. Literally. That's right, Opera Queen. Good skronkin' action without the side-effect of children.

A few loads of laundry here and there, and I'm thinking about applying for part time work at a video store. Besides that, really, nothing else new...

.. except for leisurely walking around in my underwear. With the outer doors closed and locked, of course.