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Waiting for the first paycheque back....

School went well today. It sure looked like I knew what I was talking about. Now, what I'm going to teach them for the rest of the year, that is another story. *shrugs*

I've got to pour over the Senior Three (Grade 11) curriculum guide this weekend. (Yippee?) It is a course that I could get really into... unfortunately, it's one I don't know about. See, I'm doing a "literary" version instead of a "core" version. More process, less product. More aesthetic pieces (such as poetry), less pragmatic pieces (like essays and tests). *snaps fingers in hippie-like fashion*

In other words, there is gonna be a WHOLE bunch of self and peer evaluation. Who am I to judge someone's works? All about portfolios, rough drafts, gallery walks.... *rubs chin*

I think this is going to be a very rewarding class. *rubs eyes* Very tough, but rewarding.