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"And I can yell louder than that."

Tally Ho and such.

Like has been moving forward. We have started on the topic of "Hell" in my Senior 3 English Literary class. Tomorrow, we will be analysing "Sandman" (graphic novel). More specifically, "A Hope in Hell", reprinted in the "Preludes & Nocturnes" collection. *rubs hands together* I use this class for a bit of my own intellectual pursuits. I'm looking quite forward to it.

My other classes are going well, and then there is my Senior Ones. *shakes head* Damn Minor Niners with their damn shinnannigans. *frowns* I realised I probably used too many "n"s with that, but that is what the Grade 9s do to me. Talk about frazzled. I let out one of my room-shaking yells today. Most of them looked like they peed themselves. One boy was impressed and told me so. *sighs* Classroom management, I seem to lack at the moment. Oh well, it will come.

My boyfriend was approved for a loan from the bank, and he is purchasing a "new to him" vehicle. A Black Blazer. We have now entered SUV Land. It's quite nice and roomy.

Besides that, I'm behind in my marking. But that was to be expected. One day at a time, just plug away at those papers...