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10 Days Till Halloween!

To have the energy of a 3 year old... or to have restraints that would fit a 3 year old.... *snickers*

October seems to be flying by. My sister, Booger, will be heading out East to live with my parents soon. She's given up th elife of trying to sell benefits to old men who poop their pants, and decided to give University another try. Good for her, I say. My boyfriend offered to take her monstrousity of a flat screen TV off her hands so she didn't have to move it, but she politely declined. C'est la vie. *laughs* I don't mind at all. We got too many TVs as is. It is an occupational hazard for anyone in a relationship with an electronics salesperson...

My classes are going quite well this semester. I'm behind in marking, but really, is that anything new? I'm missing this years "Parent/Teacher Night" in order to take a Resitution Workshop in the City. I'm dragging a new teacher with me, and we have hopes in harassing opera_queen, Special K, and my sis. I can't wait to get out of here.

Tonight is a pay-per-view Pride fight. Pride fighting is supposidly more vicious that UFC. *shrugs* It just means I have to clean the house for the hords of testosterone headed this way.