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Good cheese

Mmmmm.... Colby cheese.....

Yet again, my computer and I are at odds. A battle of wills, I suppose. I will triumph! *wavers* Okay, I didn't mean it, baby. You are my everything....

At any rate, let's review what's new. I got a sun burn on Sunday. I went over to my father's (sometimes referred to as "Cheap Old Bastard") and mowed his lawn, power sprayed the stucco on the house, etc. I forgot to put my faithful sun block on my back, and now I'm sunburnt. Not too bad, except Skinner Boy gives quite rambuncious backrubs. Ouch.

It was also Cheap Old Bastard's 52nd birthday. So, I showered all the grime off, applied make-up, and donned a skirt. My sister came in, and we ate at The Keg. I ordered 2 out of the 3 things I could eat there (baked goat cheese, and button and portobello mushrooms), and played nice.

Yesterday, I decided to cook dinner for Skinner Boy. Now, at this point, people who know me would start laughing, or checking the newspaper for stories of house fires. I set my oven on fire making garlic bread one time. At any rate...

I served him stuffed green and red peppers, strawberry white wine, and chocolate covered strawberries. Well, it was too hot to really enjoy the peppers (which he admitted he didn't like them cooked), the strawberries were way too sweet for him, and I drank the majority of the wine. Damn.

He spent the night, and we watched a movie this morning. "Drugstore Cowboy". The jury is still out on that one... I liked it, I think. It's a junkie film, with a junkie finally getting straight, to be shot. Sorry for blowing the ending.

At any rate, if any other Canadians are reading this, Happy Canada Day! May your fireworks not suck

P.S. - Oh yeah. I skronked Skinner Boy. You may continue on with your day now.


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Jul. 2nd, 2003 12:16 pm (UTC)
This skronking? Is that what I think it is? Holy Cow, how much wine had flowed? Well goodness gracious, best of luck to you and skinner boy. Keep swinging.
Jul. 3rd, 2003 09:01 pm (UTC)
Skronked... Such a funny word.
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