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[Begin Rant]

School starts again tomorrow. I have not done a single thing that I was hoping to accomplish (work wise). I kind of, sort of just bit off the head of a friend (proverbially speaking) when he was talking about him being a hermit trying to intergrate into the world (for a lack of a better description).

Basically, I told him to get off his complaining arse and get out of his place.

Was that fair to say? I believe so. Was it my usual manner of speaking? Not really. I think was infuriated me is that a student emailed me part of their project that was due BEFORE Xmas. This student is brilliant and in my Senior 3 (Gr. 11) English Literary class. That's right.... le creme de le creme. He submitted stuff that I would expect from someone in Grade 5.

ARGH! When I slacked as a student, I wasn't even THIS bad!

Alright, frustrations and ranting aside, I guess I should figure out what knowledge I am going to impart on my students tomorrow, and go to bed. And Gavin, I'm sorry you experienced some of the frustrationthat you yourself did not cause, but I'm not sorry for the message behind it.