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*cough, cough*

Well, I hit the jackpot this time. I was intensely sick for a bit, and the doc informed me that it was viral AND bacterial. I'm two for two! *laughs* Someone told me that it is rare to have both. That's not rare.... it's just me.

In other news...

My humble town now has a Staples. If you are not familiar with the chain store, it is for business supplies. Sticky notes in every shape and colour, and more pens than to shake a stick at. Mmmmmm.... the smell of clean, crisp plastic. *sighs happily* Sure did spend my $300 gift card in less than a half hour. But, now I have a rubber stamper for my return mailing address. *shrugs and smirks*

Last week, my Senior 3's held their term end Coffeehouse. And they were bloody brilliant! *claps* The evening went without a hitch (ignorning the fact, at this point, I sounded like a cross between Kermit the Frog and Peter Brady). Yesterday, they wrote their final exam....

... which means, yes, my friends, the term is rapidly coming to an end. In February, I will be teaching Senior 1 Family Studies, Senior 1 Social Studies, and continuing on with Senior 1 ELA. That's right, grade 9 ALL THE TIME. *frumps* Actually, I've harassed some of my grade 9 students to babysit for me, so it's not all arsenic and anthrax....