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Maybe I'll rent the church....

At the moment, I should be at work. Alas, overtime at Ye Ol' Slaughter House was canceled. Though I could really use the money, I'm not that disappointed.

Today is the start of *insert booming voice*
The Great Apartment Hunt

I would really like to find an apartment that is still in the downtown area. The people here are interesting. One of the members in this Adult Literacy group i belong to commented on "How can you live in the core area?" This is "core"? So, I have a schizo home on the corner, but it also happens to be by the best pizza joint in town. I'm 2 to 3 blocks away from everything I need: where to pay bills, groceries, restaurants, movie theatre, and so on. A few more blocks and I'm at the Public Transit Downtown Terminal. I can feel free to talk to the punks who squirt liquid dish soap in the park fountain (which I highly recommend), visit my friend in his restaurant, listen to guitar and eat cheesecake, and visit the art gallery. Why wouldn't I live in "the core"? So, there is more people in bandannas and wife-beater shirts in this neighborhood than the West Side, or in the ritzy North Hill. We have a church on the corner that is for rent. We have delapitated housing. So??? We have character. That is more important than in-suite washer and dryer and under ground parking any day.

Everything else is going "swell". I was supposed to journey to a nearby city to take in a concert with Metal Head, but it was canceled. Hmmmmm.... a few things seem to be canceling on me. *shrugs* Oh well. I phone my father and he invited me over today to do some weeding in his garden. My Oh My, the Cheap Old Bastard is sure generous today. *grins* I think I am going to have a bit of a nap, and take my trusty stallion (A.K.A bike) over there.

Tonight, I may be drinking with Skullet Man and a few other guys I used to work with when I worked the p.m. shift at the Slaughter House (the past two summers). I haven't partied with them in a long time. I think Skinner Boy may be slightly concerned, especially when I tell him little snippets of stories of the crazy things they used to do. *grins* I don't think he should be concerned, though. I think I may keep this one around.