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I chewed off my fingernails again today, and now my fingers hurt.

Things have been pretty normal lately. My family and I are trying a new concept... keeping our house clean. *laughs* So far, so good. I guess the humiliation finally built up enough to keep it sanitary for those who randomly drop by. *shrugs* No one dropped by for me anyway. My bf is even waking up with us (me and Baby J) and having breakfast with us now. Actually, in a totally repulsive Brady-bunch-like way, it's kinda nice.

School is going well. I'm only teaching 3 out of 5 course slots this term, so I actually have time to do things during working hours. Kick ass! Really marking assignments instead of just flipping through them, talking to parents, and adding ever-so-snazzy clip nart to my stuff. I'm almost free enough to search out a life.... almost.

And my chihuahua is getting a big ass. That is all.